Content Paint Tube

Content becomes the vehicle to reach World Class Outcomes

While our focus is on World Class Outcomes, content is still important. It is the vehicle that helps students reach our end goals.

By changing the focus, Douglas County School District is allowing students and teachers more freedom to focus on topics that interest them, increasing student engagement.

This does not mean that reading, writing and math have been forgotten.

“I think there is a fear with this shift that maybe some of those particular knowledge-based skills are being lost. We really want to assure our parents that we are not saying that we are getting rid of learning your math facts or we are getting rid of learning the basics of reading and writing. We're just not stopping there,” explained DCSD Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Kara Tidemann.

“Absolutely, your kids still need to know those foundational pieces, but we want them to be able to rise above that and go beyond. We want them to be able to apply, critically think about, and transfer their learning to new and unique situations. That is when we know the real understanding and knowledge takes place,” Tidemann added.

The World Class Education department team says students will continue to learn how to multiply, understand decimals and when to use a comma. The difference is that now, this content is being learned on the way to a more important outcome—ensuring that students have skills that will make them successful in life after their PK-12 education.