Vogel Academic Support Center

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Vogel Academic Support Center

Our Mission

Chaparral's Vogel Academic Suport Center, located in classroom 424L, offers a variety of resources for all students. The VASC is dedicated to providing individualized support in core academic subjects. The VASC will help students to reach their full potential by encouraging and helping students to achieve academic excellence during their studies at Chaparral by supporting them to think critically, communicate effectively, and become independent learners so they may engage in lifelong learning and better serve a global community.

Ms. Curtis
Classroom: 424L

Monday-Friday 7:00am-3:30pm

Peer Tutor Support
National Honor Society Tutors & Writing Tutors are available

The VASC is named in honor of Todd Vogel, former Assistant Principal at Chaparral High School. His vision was to have a place for students to go to receive academic help and support. Consider applying for the Todd Vogel Memorial Scholarship. Play in the Todd Vogel People Helping People Memorial Golf Tournament.