Summer Semester 2021

Summer Semester 2021

Registration for the first and second Sessions are closed

Course Guide

Please carefully read the summer school information and view the mandatory informational slideshow before clicking on the registration link.

Summer Semester is designed for students who have failed a class and would like to earn credits to get back on track for graduation. Our general summer courses offer credit recovery and not grade replacement on your transcript.  

Due to construction on our campus, classes will be completed online with teacher support.

Complete the registration form online at MySchoolBucks (currently closed). Here are some screenshots to step you through registration

  • Please review the course guide for the classes that will be offered.
  • Students may select up to second courses, if needed. Please understand that the student will work on one course at a time.  
  • Summer Semester is only offered for credit recovery. If you are unsure what class your student needs for credit recovery please review their grades in IC. 
  • There is a required informational slideshow.
Session I: Is filled and closed

SESSION II: Is closed  

  • This session will be ran if there is enough interest
  • The cost per course is $225 
  • The cost for out-of-district students is $275
  • Session runs from June 28 at 700 a.m. through July 22 at11:59 p.m.
  • Registration opens on June 2 
  • Registration closes on June 22 at noon
  • Course Drop/Removal is June 28 at noon

Course Offerings:
These self-paced online classes provide students with off-site learning opportunities.  We recommend this option for disciplined learners as it is the student's responsibility to stay on pace through the assigned curriculum. While online coursework is available 24 hours a day, work must be completed within the time-frame of the session in which that student enrolls in order to gain credit. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with the Summer School Teacher regarding their progress.

Questions, please contact Lauri Echer at
The summer semester principal is Kyle Mossman at